Mailbox Mysteries – Available until March 1st

Mailbox Mysteries
Available until March 1st
Test your skills as a detective, treasure hunter, or even a spy at the center of a global conspiracy! Each mystery has a unique theme with an immersive storyline that unfolds over the course of four weekly installments sent to your mailbox. Items may include: personal letters, photos, historical documents, newspaper clippings, coded messages, and more.
Recommended for adults & teens due to difficulty and thematic elements.
To order, email: with your full name & address.

The Reminders Concert – Feb. 27th

The Reminders Concert
Monday Feb. 27th
Brussels-born emcee Big Samir and Queens-born emcee and vocalist Aja Black create visionary music infused with roots, soul, and Colorado sunshine!
The Reminders’ rhymes blend seamlessly with soulful vocals and reggae-tinged hip-hop beats to highlight relevant and inspiring messages of unity and togetherness.

Snow Escape! Stranded & Snowbound – Feb. 25th

Snow Escape!
Stranded & Snowbound
Saturday, Feb. 25th
10:00am – 2:00pm
Adults & Teens join us for an Escape Room challenge.
Registration is required: Email or contact the CF Library 507-263-2804 to sign-up for a 1 hour time slot in groups of up to 5 people.

Minnesota’s Wild & Woolly Prohibition Days with Arn Kind – Saturday March 12th

Minnesota’s Wild & Woolly Prohibition Days
with Arn Kind
Saturday March 12th
10am – 12pm

Meet the drys, wets, gangsters, flappers, lawmen and suffragists of America’s most colorful, complex constitutional hiccup! This free program promises to be both informative and entertaining.
Arn Kind brings history to life with hands-on, interactive presentations. Meticulous historical research in the hands of this gifted storyteller and professional educator lets you experience history in a way that no textbook can: History literally comes alive, bridging the gap between historical era and modern

Dog Sled Presentation – Friday March 11th

Dog Sled Presentation
Meet at CF Warming House
by the pool
Friday March 11th
6-7 pm

An introduction to the basics of dog sledding. Meet the dogs, learn about the equipment, and see it all in action. Most of the program will be outdoors, so dress for the weather!


Adult & Teen Winter Reading Program – January 31st thru March 14th

Winter Reading Program for Adults & Teens
January 31st thru March 14th
Open to adults & teens ages 13+
Registration will be available both online HERE and at the Library beginning Monday, January 31 through Monday, March 14. Participants will need to provide their first & last name and contact information (email and/or phone) to register. Initial registration constitutes entry into the prize drawings, all of which will be held on March 15th. Need not be present to win, though prizes will be selected by the winners on a first-come, first-served basis.
Participation Prizes:
After the initial registration, participants may choose a specialty chocolate reward each time they visit the library to check out a book or attend a library program.

Legends and Folklore of Winter – Feb. 26th

Legends and Folklore of Winter
Friday Feb. 26th
7 pm via Zoom

Join us as we welcome author Chad Lewis, who will present Legends and Folklore of Winter.
Winter may seem like a quiet time, but it is actually filled with bizarre tales and stories of superstitions to cause a school snow day. Winter spirits, Krampus the anti-Santa Clause, stories of little people, werewolves, witches, people being buried alive, and numerous other traditions for the darkest days of the year.

For a link to the Zoom program email Matt at

Personality-Type Workshop – Feb. 12th

Personality-Type Workshop
Friday Feb. 12th
4-5 pm via Zoom
Explore multiple types of self-administered personality tests to help you determine, describe, and delineate the various aspect of your personality, preferences and predilections!
Email Matt at for a link to the Zoom program.