Libraries on Wheels Home Delivery Service

Cannon Falls Library

Libraries on Wheels Home Delivery Service

Home Delivery Service supplies books, audiobooks, and other materials to library patrons who are unable to use the library in the traditional manner. Items will be delivered and picked up every other week by vetted volunteers.


  • Patrons must have a valid library card with Cannon Falls Library and within the Cannon Falls service area.
  • Patrons must be temporarily or permanently homebound due to illness, disability, surgery, or lack of transportation.
  • Patrons must sign a participation agreement prior to delivery.


  • We recognize that it is difficult for homebound patrons to make it in to the library to fill out forms. Therefore, patrons can register for service over the phone and sign the participation agreement when the first delivery arrives.

Services include:

  • Library staff will select items based on the patron’s preferences at registration.
  • Library staff will store a record of the patron’s preferences and materials loaned so as not to duplicate requests.
  • Volunteers will deliver and pick up items from patrons’ homes every 2 weeks.
  • Patrons will receive a friendly phone call reminder on delivery day.
  • The library will not charge overdue fines, but lost and damaged fees will apply. In case of lost items, services will be suspended until fines are paid.
  • If the patron does not answer the phone call reminder or come to the door on delivery day, library volunteers and staff reserve the right to ask police to perform a welfare check on the patron.

Lost & damaged fee processing:

  • Library staff will send written notification of fines and fees through postal mail to the patron.
  • The patron can mail a check to the library with a copy of the notification. All checks must be made out to City of Cannon Falls.

If you are interested in being a Libraries on Wheels recipient, please fill out the Home Delivery Registration Form.