Meeting Room

Cannon Falls Library
Meeting Room Policy

The Cannon Falls Library meeting room is available for use by community organizations, businesses, and individuals.

The Meeting room is not available for:
• The sale or promotion of business products or services
• Political campaign activities
• Any event for which an admission fee is charged
• Any activity deemed inappropriate by the Library Director and/or Library Board

Every effort will be made to minimize unnecessary interruptions; we cannot guarantee privacy due to the placement of areas that may need to be accessed by library staff.

The responsible party must be 18 or older and have a valid picture ID.

The room may not be scheduled outside of regular library hours unless approved by the director pending availability of a library staff member to be present.

Maximum Capacity:
39 seated adults

Priorities for meeting room use:
• Activities, meeting, exhibits and programs sponsored and/or co-sponsored by the library
• Government meetings or programs
• Educational, cultural, civic, political or professional nature which are open to the general public
• Non-profit or local charitable/civic organizations and institutions where attendance at the meeting is restricted

• Free – Library sponsored and/or co-sponsored events
• Free – City, County, State, and community groups, study groups, clubs, and individuals using the room for personal, non-commercial purposes
• Free – Nonprofit organizations
• $25 per session – For-profit organizations and private parties

Users are expected to clean up after completing use of the room. Expected cleaning includes: tables and chairs back in original locations, all garbage removed from the building and put in the bin behind the building, and all tables wiped down. If the condition is unacceptable to the staff, the group will be billed for cleaning and/or damages and may lose its right to future use of the room.

Scheduling a Meeting Room
Meetings may be tentatively scheduled via telephone, mail or e-mail, or in person, but the room will not be considered reserved until all forms are signed, returned and approved by library staff.

Organizations that desire to maintain a regular schedule of meeting (i.e., weekly or monthly) at the Library must first request and have such ongoing meetings approved by the Library Board. Long-term meeting room requests will be considered at the next regularly schedules meeting of the Library Board and will generally be approved for no more than 12 months.

Reservation forms should be received no less than ten days prior to the meeting date to ensure consideration and reservations.

Tables and chairs are available in the meeting room for no additional charge. Quantities will vary depending on portion or portions of room reserved and other activities/meetings being conducted simultaneously.

Wireless Internet is available throughout the library building at no charge.

Refreshments prepared off-site and brought in may be served with no additional permission or fees.

The booking individual or organization must provide all necessary equipment (i.e. coffee pots), utensils, and consumables (i.e. plates, cups, napkins, etc.) associated with the serving of refreshments. Garbage is to be removed by the responsible party.

In accordance with City Code, Sec.5.82, “it is unlawful for any person to consume, or posses in an unsealed container, any alcoholic beverage on any street [or] public property…except…when and where permission has been specifically granted or licensed by the council.” This ordinance includes the city parking lot next to the library. The Library Board further prohibits alcoholic beverages within the library including the meeting rooms.

Tobacco, in any form, is not allowed in the Library, including meeting rooms, nor within 100 feet of any entrance.

Communication, Supplies, and Storage
The Cannon Falls Library may not be identified as the “headquarters” for any individual or organization utilizing the meeting room and will not receive mail on behalf of such users.

Users are responsible for bringing their own supplies and should not ask library staff to provide needed supplies. (computers, video projectors, pen, pencils, copies, etc…)

The library will not provide space for storage for any organization.

Copyright and Public Performance
Groups wishing to exhibit, perform, duplicate, or distribute any copyrighted work in the library (print or non-print) must secure a license or permission from the copyright holder.

Those failing to abide by applicable copyright and public performance laws do so at their own risk, and will be denied future use of the meeting room.

Use of the Library meeting room does not imply Cannon Falls Library or City of Cannon Falls endorsement or approval of the group, the meeting, or the ideas presented at the meeting.

No announcement, press release, flyer, or other promotion should state or imply Library or City endorsement or sponsorship of the event or the organization. Such announcements, press releases, flyers or other promotions should clearly state the sponsoring group’s names and refer to the Library only as the location of the meeting.

Please send a copy of any publicity material to the Library prior to an event.


[1] Restriction of political campaign activities is not intended to restrict use of facilities by elected or appointed officials for town meeting purposes

[2] Restrictions of admission fees is not intended to restrict the use of facilities by nonprofit organizations when collecting dues or when selling such miscellaneous items as the organization’s calendars, date books, etc., provided that such activity is incidental to the purpose of the meeting; nor is it intended to restrict use for purposes such as administration of exams or other similar uses where a service fee may be collected.  These fees must be clearly identified on the “Meeting Room Reservation Form” and prior approval must be obtained from the Library Director or staff designee

[3] The library staff and director maintain the ability to schedule or not schedule any group desiring to use the meeting.  However, if a question should arise the Cannon Falls Library Board is the final authority in granting or refusing permission for use of Library facilities.