New Pilot Program For Homebound Patrons

The Library Board just approved a new pilot program to begin this summer – Libraries on Wheels! This service is for people who, due to illness or disability, age, or lack of transportation are unable to travel to the library to borrow materials. As long as they have valid library cards with Cannon Falls, they can use the service. How, you may ask? Like this!

  1. Check that you have a valid Cannon Falls library card. You can’t borrow materials without one. If you don’t have one, we can hook you up.
  2. Call the library at 263-2804 to register for the service. You will verbally acknowledge your borrower’s agreement over the phone, but will have to physically sign it when you get your first delivery. During this phone call, you will also identify what your reading or viewing interests are so we can find you materials that interest you most.
  3. Wait up to 2 weeks to receive your first delivery. Volunteers will pick up and deliver items on the same day every 2 weeks. They will call you on delivery day to remind you they will be there and the approximate time.
  4. If you choose to opt out at any time, just call the library to cancel the service.

You see? It’s pretty easy. If you’re interested, or know someone who would benefit from this service, give us a call.

As far as volunteers go, if you are interested in being a volunteer, please call us! We’re looking for volunteers willing to drive out to patrons’ homes, deliver library materials, and spend a few minutes chatting with them. We ask for a commitment of at least 6 months, every other week on the same day. Because of this highly personal service, all volunteers must pass a background check with the police.

We look forward to the benefits this new service will have on our community!