Sign: A Tabletop Game – June 24th

Sign: A Tabletop Game
June 24th
10:30am – 12:00 pm
Ages 13 and up

SIGN is a game about being understood, based on the true story of a language born in modern times from the hands of children.
Nicaragua in the 1970s had no sign language. If you were deaf, a few simple gestures had to cover all your basic needs.
But in 1977, deaf children from across the country were brought to an experimental school in Managua. They were expected to learn lip reading, but largely they did not. Instead, something far more remarkable happened: Without a language to communicate, the children did the only thing they could—they created one together; the foundation of modern Nicaraguan Sign Language, giving voice to the deaf across an entire country.
If you would like to play, or just want to know more, contact the library: or 507-263-2804.
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